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         With The Listing Pros Team, You can get Approved Cash Funding to Make a STRONG - NO Contingency Offer.  Then The Listing Pros Team's Exclusive "Competing Best Offer Program" goes to work to get Your Current Home Sold at Best Possible Market Value!


# 1: STRONG & CONFIDENT OFFERS IN A COMPETETIVE MARKET = Better Chance of Winning The Offer Acceptance with an Approved Cash Offer & FAR LESS Stress with Buying YOUR New Home to Get THE RIGHT HOME!

# 2: PEACE OF MIND - LESS STRESS = Confidence and peace of mind knowing that even though your current home is not sold yet, you can still purchace your next home with The Listing Pros Team ~ Buy First Houston Program

# 3: BUY & SELL ON YOUR TIMELINE & PRICE:  = YES The Great News = Move into your Newly Purchased Home before selling your current home. No Need to do a short term lease or find and alternate short term location to live. Further No need to rent storage and possible move 2 times.  Buy 1 Time, Move 1 Time, Sell 1 Time.  

# 4:  1 HOUSE NOTE PAYMENT = PAY YOUR CURRENT HOUSE NOTE ONLY = The Beauty of our Buy First Houston Program is that we Guarantee that you will be making 1 House Note payment during the Buy, Move & Selling process. 

# 5: A GUARANTEED SOLD BACKUP OFFER =  In the unlikely event your home does not sell within 2 months of listing, under the Buy First Program we provide a Guaranteed Sold Backup Offer - But Let the Market Work For You First. 


STEP # 1 

Step 1: FREE HOME VALUE & INITIAL PRE-APPROVAL Assessment Meeting= Complete the form below so we can put our Team into action getting  prelim info about your current property & possibly your proposed new home criteria to get the process started.  We also provide our preferred & exclusive licensed perm lenders and if needed short-term & equity bridge lenders depending on the options you qualify for and/or you choose. We Further, provide our Exclusive Title Company for Closings. The Listing Pros has NO Ownership and Does NOT Profit whatsoever from Our Exclusive Licensed Lenders and Title Company. We are a Real Estate Agency and Brokerage. We stay Focused on Seriously Serving your Real Estate Needs with our extensive Local Knowledge and Proven Success! Let's Get Started Right Away!  Pls Complete the Form Below! 

STEP # 2

Step 2: FIND YOUR NEXT HOME & MAKE APPROVED CASH OFFER: We then assign a Buyers Specialist and a Listing Specialist to work closely with you to began the Buying and Listing Process.  Once YOU have found Your New Home & ready to Buy! We then make a Qualified and Pre-Approved Cash Offer! 

STEP # 3

Step 3: UNLOCKING YOUR CURRENT HOME EQUITY:  Our Lenders will offer Equity funding for up to 90% LTV of your current home in the event you choose the option to Not Show Your Home before Moving. These funds if needed and used will usually cover the amount of any earnerst money needed or down payment escrow needed for purchase.  However, if you choose the option to Sell while at the same time your are Buying then this funding may or may not be needed. But it is available if and when needed for sure which depending the option you qualify for choose this equity funding again, may or many not be needed. 

STEP # 4

Step 4: MOVE to YOUR NEW HOME WHEN READY:  Our Buy First Program allows you the Luxury of Moving to Your new home when it makes sense to you and the Buy First Program option you qualified for and/or chose.  NO Stressful Contingencies, NO Costly Storage Needed, NO Costly Temp Leases or Costly Temp Housing & NO Double Costly Moving Cost Fees!

STEP # 5

Step 5: SELL YOUR CURRENT HOME at or ABOVE MARKET VALUE:  On the day you complete your move to YOUR New Home, we take care of ordering and managing the home cleaning needed to list and sell. We also manage and order basic lawn maintenance during the listing and sale process as a courtesy element of The Listing Pros Team 5 Star Client Centric Service. Your Listing Specialist works closely with you during the process to insure a seamless and transparent process that helps to bring the best market value possible. 

The Listing Pros Team EXCLUSIVE Buy First Program  

A More Simple, More Convenient and Much More Stress Free way of Buying Your New Home First and then Selling Your Current Home. As Award Winning Top Producers ~ We look fwd to working with You and Your Family in Creating the Most Seamless Buy and Sell Transition & Transaction Possible. 

COMPLETE THE FORM:  Please Complete the contact form below to the fullest possible so we can best help YOU - TAKE FULL Advantage of The Listing Pros Team EXCLUSIVE Buy First Program.  Once we receive your info we will shortly gather information about your property, then assign a Buyer & Listing Specialist that will be in touch with you soon thereafter.  Please feel free to call 713-737-5149 anytime after you complete the form to discuss your submission and further questions you may have.  

CONTACT US TODAY - Please Complete The Form so we can go to work for Your Buying and/or Selling Needs. Also Call 713-737-5149

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